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Water Watchful: Save water during a drought

Rain? What’s that? It was a hot, dry summer across the U.S., and even now 30 per cent of the country is suffering under drought conditions. Unfortunately, according to climate scientists, we’re going to be feeling even more parched in the coming years. So if your lawn is looking brown and the water levels in […]

Well water testing: How often should I do it?

OK, let’s get honest here. When was the last time you tested the safety of your well water? If you’re like many well owners, you have to dig pretty far back into your memory banks for the answer. For instance, a 2009 Pennsylvania study found that that 44 per cent of well owners had only […]

Help! I have a dry well!

As the saying goes, you never miss the water until the well goes dry. But when you turn on the tap and nothing comes out, boy do you realize just how valuable water is! What went wrong? So why are you getting nothing but gurgles? You could be looking at a leak somewhere in your […]

Abandoned Wells: A hidden danger

When it comes to unused wells, out of sight shouldn’t mean out of mind. These structures aren’t something you can just forget about. With their rusted casings and rotted well covers, abandoned wells are one of the biggest threats to groundwater quality. They can also create a physical threat, trapping people and animals and even […]

Invisible Water Contaminants 19

How to protect yourself from the 3 invisible threats lurking in your water: Did you know that there are three known water contaminants that are both harmful and invisible? You can’t see them, you can’t smell them and you can’t taste them. What are they? E.Coli – or Escherichia Coli, is a type of coliform […]