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Maintenance for Your Complete Well Water System

Why is it that with some things, like a car, we recognize the value of maintenance? Oil changes might be a minor inconvenience and a bit of an expense, but we get them done (sometimes only with the help of a reminder popping up on the dashboard – but we get it done). Perhaps it’s […]

Regional water testing needs

Water Testing…It’s Worth Repeating

One message that’s likely to be repeated, whether you’re reviewing information here at Wellwatertalk.com or reading the EPA’s guidance on private drinking water wells, is that the owner of a private water supply, like a well, is solely responsible for the quality of the water.  And it’s definitely worth repeating. Public drinking water, like for […]

Choosing a Water Treatment System 5

A water treatment system for your home can be a great investment for your family – especially if your drinking water comes from a private well.  But while choosing to install a water treatment system may be easy, choosing which water treatment system to install may not be so straight forward.  Here are three guiding […]

The Importance of your Well Log

Quick: do you know when you got your last tetanus shot? Can you remember the results of your latest cholesterol test? Keeping track of your health records is a smart idea. And it’s just as smart to keep track of your well records. Don’t worry! You don’t need a fancy system for filing this information. […]

Groundwater protection: Be a good neighbor

No one wants to drink bacteria, nitrates or toxic chemicals. So don’t let these nasties find their way into the groundwater that you and your neighbors depend on. Check your property for these common sources of contamination: Wells Abandoned wells and well pits Yard or farm water hydrants Septic systems Manure and fertilizers Hazardous materials […]