Protect Your Groundwater Day!

Protect Your Groundwater Day!Our friends over at the National Ground Water Association have put together all kinds of wonderful resources for Protect Your Groundwater Day!  Anyone who uses water should have a vested interest in protecting groundwater.  99% of freshwater comes from underground aquifers.  It makes sense to protect this precious resource, both for us, and for future generations!

So, in celebration of Protect Your Groundwater Day, we are sharing some of the great tips, tricks, links, and resources they have provided to spread the word.   Hopefully, you will share them too!

The Water Use Calculator is a great tool to figure out what your water usage is, and how you can reduce it.

Their Free Groundwater recorded webinar can teach you more about preserving groundwater.  Simply enter your name and email address, and the recorded webinar will begin.

Find out more about groundwater’s role in your particular state (if in the US).   Access the statistics here

Talking to our children about the importance of groundwater helps them to grow up with an understanding of the need of protection.  To talk to your kids (or students if you are a teacher) about the importance of groundwater, there’s a great resource here.

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