Invisible Water Contaminants 19

Water Contaminants aren't always visible with the naked eye.

Water Contaminants aren’t always visible with the naked eye.

How to protect yourself from the 3 invisible threats lurking in your water:

Did you know that there are three known water contaminants that are both harmful and invisible? You can’t see them, you can’t smell them and you can’t taste them. What are they?

E.Coli – or Escherichia Coli, is a type of coliform bacteria. Not all coliforms are dangerous but the ones that are bad tend to be very bad. If there is any indication of coliforms on a water test result, there is a very good chance that your well water has been contaminated with fecal waste.

Parasite Alert – Giardia and Cryptosporidium are parasites most commonly found in surface waters such as lakes, streams, and rivers.  Too small to be see with the naked eye, these parasites can be found in wells or aquifers after floods and heavy rainfalls sweep surface water into abandoned or inadequately maintained wells.


The ultimate virus – viruses are the smallest known creatures, and those that cause sickness in humans are referred to as ‘pathogenic.’ The bulk of pathogenic waterborne viruses affect the gastrointestinal system.

How can you be sure your drinking water is safe? Here are three tips:

If you are on a private well, make sure the water is tested annually. The Safe Water Drinking Act applies to all government owned wells, but private wells remain unregulated – be diligent.

Test your water after a significant weather change. Flooding in particular can infiltrate your well with unwanted contaminants.

Take matters into your own hands. Control the water that comes out of your tap and into your glass by installing a UV water purification system and make sure the risk of contamination never enters your cup.

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