Creating Water Awareness – The State Fair Tour

For the last several weeks, the crew from WellWaterTalk and KnowUV have been touring various state fairs through New York State.   It’s been an amazing couple of weeks, and we have been meeting a lot of people who have major issues with their water!  We have been providing water tests for those who are interested, and there’s some great literature as well!   We have some other features we would love to share with you, and anyone who’s seen us at the various state fairs have seen these guys featured on our photo board and t-shirts.  The microbes are here, and they’re helping us spread the message.  Clear water doesn’t mean clean water!   We put together a short video to “officially” introduce the crew to the world, and we will be putting up more of these as the microbe crew go on their grand adventures through farmer’s fields, babbling brooks, and into wells.  Please enjoy, and let us know what you think!


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