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Water Testing…It’s Worth Repeating

One message that’s likely to be repeated, whether you’re reviewing information here at or reading the EPA’s guidance on private drinking water wells, is that the owner of a private water supply, like a well, is solely responsible for the quality of the water.  And it’s definitely worth repeating. Public drinking water, like for […]

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Regional water testing needs

Invisible Water Contaminants

How to protect yourself from the 3 invisible threats lurking in your water: Did you know that there are three known water contaminants that are both harmful and invisible? You can’t see them, you can’t smell them and you can’t taste them. What are they? E.Coli – or Escherichia Coli, is a type of coliform […]

Water Test

Why Well Water Testing is Necessary

Ever go to the refrigerator thinking you’re going to make yourself a wonderful, healthy omelet, only to find your ingredients aren’t at their best? Maybe the eggs are past their expiration date (do you take the chance?), the peppers are kind of soft, the mushrooms are shriveled (ick!), the ham slimy and smelly (eew!), or the cheese moldy (okay maybe […]