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Protect Your Groundwater Day!

Our friends over at the National Ground Water Association have put together all kinds of wonderful resources for Protect Your Groundwater Day!  Anyone who uses water should have a vested interest in protecting groundwater.  99% of freshwater comes from underground aquifers.  It makes sense to protect this precious resource, both for us, and for future […]

Creating Water Awareness – The State Fair Tour

For the last several weeks, the crew from WellWaterTalk and KnowUV have been touring various state fairs through New York State.   It’s been an amazing couple of weeks, and we have been meeting a lot of people who have major issues with their water!  We have been providing water tests for those who are interested, […]

Well Stewardship: Being Proactive

The concept of well stewardship is a simple one.  It’s defined as the voluntary actions that you, as a well owner, take to protect your own water supply and it’s quality.  Public water systems have the advantage of funding and legislation to ensure their facilities and water supply are healthy and available.  As a private […]

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