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Well Stewardship: Being Proactive

The concept of well stewardship is a simple one.  It’s defined as the voluntary actions that you, as a well owner, take to protect your own water supply and it’s quality.  Public water systems have the advantage of funding and legislation to ensure their facilities and water supply are healthy and available.  As a private […]

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Water Test

Why Well Water Testing is Necessary

Ever go to the refrigerator thinking you’re going to make yourself a wonderful, healthy omelet, only to find your ingredients aren’t at their best? Maybe the eggs are past their expiration date (do you take the chance?), the peppers are kind of soft, the mushrooms are shriveled (ick!), the ham slimy and smelly (eew!), or the cheese moldy (okay maybe […]

Well Water Contamination

There are multiple ways that well water contamination can happen. Heavy rainfall, spring runoff, or flood events can overwhelm even well-constructed, recently drilled wells, and can introduce surface contaminant into the aquifer below. If your well is older, there are even more potential avenues for surface contamination to enter your drinking water. Some of these […]

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New York State Groundwater

In New York State, Groundwater plays a vital role in providing not only drinkable water to residents, but also irrigation water to the large amount of agriculture that takes place there.  Groundwater use in New York State breaks down like this: 1,870,000 residents are served by privately owned individual wells.   This works out to 824,342 […]

Ultraviolet Disinfection for Well Water

The use of ultraviolet disinfection (uv) in water treatment has been around for almost as long as chlorine.  It’s been known for a long time that ultraviolet light mutates and degrades DNA (the same way it gives you a sunburn). However, due to the fact that it requires electricity, it didn’t really catch on commercially […]

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