Wells are often something of a mystery, even to the people who rely on them every day.  With the advancement of science and technology, wells are no longer the nostalgic pump-systems that grace the pages of cottage magazines, or just pits dug down to the water table.   They are complex systems, and require education to maintain safety.

Well Water Talk is a resource to educate well owners about potential water quality issues to help remove some of the mysteries surrounding wells and well water care.  Understanding how your well can become contaminated, knowing what to do if it does, and learning about what can be done to ensure safe water from your well year-round.

We will also present many valuable resources to teach you about well stewardship, and how being a good well steward not only helps keep your family’s drinking water safe, but can also benefit others around you who rely on well water for their drinking and cooking.

Homeowners, farmers, rural homes and businesses can gain valuable information about well water treatment, ask experts about well care and water quality, and share information with other well owners.  Let’s talk well water!